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Recyling and re-purposing tires in Ontario

Tires were the first of five main material classes to be moved from a Stewardship model, to the Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) model under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (RRCEA). Under the Act, Tire Regulation 225/18 made producers responsible for ensuring that 85% of the weight of the tires sold into market are collected, recycled and made into new products at the end of their initial life-cycle.

Under the preceding Stewardship model , obligated companies were required to pay stewardship fees to a government-mandated entity called Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS), and OTS was accountable for tire recovery.

The main differences between stewardship and IPR are:

  • Under IPR, tire producers are now responsible for recycling and recovery based on what they sell into the market. If they fail to meet the compliance requirements outlined in the RRCEA, they face significant fines.
  • Under IPR, Ontario moved to a competitive market model, from a government/consumer funded stewardship model. Service providers and PRO’s now compete for business from producers and from each other.

To date, producers working with eTracks have been 100% compliant with their tire recycling obligations under the RRCEA

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